Ric Flair Stalked by Masked Man in Raw Throwback, Gulak Plays ‘Battletoads’ on UUDD, New ‘Camp WWE’ Preview

WWE has posted a rather bizarre clip on YouTube from an old episode of Monday Night Raw, where Ric Flair was stalked by a man in the mask while preparing for a match. Except they don’t bother to tell you who the masked creeper was, or provide any kind of context for the angle whatsoever. Check it out above.

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For those who don’t remember, or were too young to have seen it, the man is the mask is actually Randy Orton. Triple H was feuding with Kevin Nash at the time, with the never-ending Shawn Michaels blood feud still on the horizon, and Ric Flair actually turned babyface for a whole ONE WEEK back in 2003 in order to eventually turn on HBK and set up a matches at Bad Blood.

Undertaker & Paige on ‘Camp WWE’

WWE has posted the following video:

“The Undertaker performs a side-splitting magic trick on Paige that leaves everybody speechless. Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network. Catch new episodes every Sunday at noon ET on-demand.”

Drew Gulak Plays ‘Battletoads’

205 Live Superstar Drew Gulak joins Xavier Woods in the latest video from UpUpDownDown. The captain of the “No Fly Zone” discusses his life growing up and playing video games with his younger brother, who also happens to be a wrestler, while playing one of my personal favorite childhood gems – Battletoads in Battlemaniacs! Check out the video below.

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