WWE Survivor Series Results: The Bar vs The Usos

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WWE Survivor Series Results
The Bar vs The Usos

Sheamus has decided to put strange white tips in his bright red mohawk, which somehow gave The Bar the power to beat up Jimmy Uso for the first several minutes of the match. The former world champion looked like a monster putting a side headlock on the much smaller Jimmy. When he finally got the space to make a hot tag to his brother, Cesaro had ran the long away around the ring and taken out Jey from behind, allowing the 2-on-1 assault to continue. After a few more minutes of huge offense including uppercuts from the Swiss Superman and 10 Beats from Sheamus, Jimmy finally came flying off the second rope with a nice crossbody to himself a little breathing room.

Hot tag made to Jey who came in like a house of fire, knocking the Celtic Warrior from ringside and firing off with big kicks and running knees to the remaining opponent. Huge superkick connects for a close nearfall! Sheamus and Jimmy fought over the ropes and started throwing each other off the barricades, ring posts and announce tables. Meanwhile, Cesaro hit the big swing with about two dozen rotations and locked in the Sharpshooter clean in the middle of the ring. Jimmy rolled in to make the save, but got destroyed by a Brogue Kick out of nowhere! They teased the tap out but Jey crawled clear across the entire ring to get ahold of the bottom rope. The Bar got him up for the assisted White Noise looking to put it away, but Jimmy managed to break it up at the last second.

The Usos fought back with everything they had left in the tank, both teams trading huge moves and going for nearfall after nearfall. In an incredible spot Cesaro had Jimmy up on his shoulders looking for the Doomsday Device, but the Uso caught Sheamus on the top rope and hit an Avalanche Samoan Drop while being powerbombed by Cesaro! Absolutely crazy spot. Jey back in to superkick Cesaro, but they still couldn’t put him away. Superkick! Superkick! Superkick party in Houston! Jimmy made the tag in midair as he flew to the floor taking out the Swiss Superman in a huge suicide dive. Jey with the Superfly Splash to Sheamus! 1…2…3!

Winners: The Usos

Will it be @WWEUsos OR @WWESheamus & @WWECesaro that earn another W for their brand tonight? #SurvivorSeries @DiGiornoPizza #CrispyPanPizza pic.twitter.com/3euIgCmAYD

— WWE (@WWE) November 20, 2017

Straight-up GUTS on display as #JeyUsos as he gets to the ropes after being LOCKED in the #Sharpshooter!#SurvivorSeries @WWEUsos pic.twitter.com/ylobMER97h

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) November 20, 2017

Could it be time for The @WWEUsos to take @WWECesaro and @WWESheamus to the #UsoPenitentiary?! #SurvivorSeries pic.twitter.com/bhEmkRTBp3

— WWE (@WWE) November 20, 2017

If there’s any team that can match the twin chemistry of The @WWEUsos, it’s THE BAR!#SurvivorSeries @WWECesaro @WWESheamus pic.twitter.com/QiGMeA3q7n

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) November 20, 2017

Respect, @WWESheamus. Respect.#SurvivorSeries pic.twitter.com/ZapmkmmkN6

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) November 20, 2017

ALL TIED UP! #SDLive‘s #TagTeamChampions The @WWEUsos introduce @WWECesaro & @WWESheamus to that #DayOneIsh! #SurvivorSeries pic.twitter.com/wCCAC5FOyN

— WWE (@WWE) November 20, 2017

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