AJ Styles On Roman Reigns: ‘Little Did I Know How Great He Is’

– WWE SmackDown Superstar AJ Styles was recently interviewed on CBS Sports’ “In This Corner” to help promote tonight’s WWE No Mercy pay-per-view, check out the highlights below:

On when he first heard his entrance theme:

“I didn’t know what to think of it, to be honest with you. I liked it but at the same time I was like, ‘Will the WWE Universe love it?’ You are seeing it from a different view than everyone else because you think it’s talking about you and you specifically. ‘Is it a bad thing that they are calling me a ‘redneck?’ I don’t mind being called a redneck. I am a redneck. Is that a bad thing? Can people relate to someone being called a redneck?’ All this stuff came out. But it fit me like a glove, there’s no question about that.”

On working with Roman Reigns:

“I look back at stepping stones and that was one of them wrestling Roman because he was definitely a big name here at WWE and still is. I wanted to show that we could have a great match but little did I know how great Roman was — a lot better than most people think. He was outstanding.

“He’s a lot more athletic than people ever knew. He’s on another level and I was glad to be in the ring with him to show everybody that he is and that this guy can hang with AJ Styles. To me, it was a great feud.”

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