DDP On Why His Feud With The Undertaker Didn’t Work

In 2001, former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page made his WWE debut, as he revealed himself to be The Undertaker’s wife’s stalker. The feud between the two quickly fizzled out, and DDP never really reached the heights that many thought he should in WWE.

During a recent interview with The Mirror, DDP explained why his feud with The Undertaker didn’t end up working:

“No, more than anything, it was designed like that, like beat down the WCW guys. There was a lot of heat that was before us when we first came in there. But bear in mind this was 15 years ago. It is was it is and it lasted a long time. But now when I’m there, forget about it. Ever since I did The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro Volume 1, after that I was back in, because they loved what I did. Then they kept bringing me back to do it and we kept selling DVDs. They don’t even do DVDs any more, but I see I’ve got one, Scott Hall’s got one, Eric Bischoff’s got one… I was so happy just to have it and see it on the shelf. I really can’t wait until it gets to the WWE Network, so people can really see it.”

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