WWE RAW Report 2/17/2020

– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with the usual video package.
– We’re live from the Angel of the Winds Arena in Everett, Washington as the pyro goes off. Tom Phillips welcomes us. He’s joined by Byron Saxton and WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler. They go over tonight’s show and reveal that MVP vs. Drew McIntyre has been added to the line-up.
– We go right to the ring and out comes Randy Orton to mostly boos.
Fans chant “you suck!” at Orton enters the ring. Orton points to the big screen and we see footage of his recent interactions with Matt Hardy and WWE Hall of Famer Edge. We come back and the “you suck!” chants get louder. Orton says he’s supposed to face Matt in a No Holds Barred match tonight but after what happened last week, he’s sorry that this won’t happen. Orton says Matt is in the back right now, still trying to get medically cleared, but the match won’t happen. Orton gets booed some more. Orton says The Hardys are known for climbing to the highest of highs and crashing to the lowest of lows, but even so… the music interrupts and out comes Matt wearing a neck brace. He calls for the music to be cut.
Matt doesn’t want Orton to talk to him, he wants Orton to admit why he tried to end Edge’s comeback. Matt says he can relate this week, but he still wants to know what the hell is wrong with Orton. Matt goes on about Orton wanting to take all of this, his passion, away from him, but he can’t because Matt’s not ready for that. Matt came here to fight but the WWE doctors won’t clear him to compete in a match. Matt says he;s a man of his word and he’s here, and like Edge, he has grit and won’t quit. Matt Hardy won’t die. He says you can always knock he and Edge down but they always get back up. Matt doesn’t know what the future holds for him, but it won’t be determined on Orton’s terms, it will be determined on his own terms. Orton says Matt should’ve said goodbye last week while he could still leave the arena on his own two feet. Matt enters the ring now. Orton ask what could Matt really do to him. Orton goes on and says he respects Matt and Edge, he also loves Edge like a brother. Orton says he is truly sorry. He says this again and puts the mic down, then exits the ring. Orton walks away as his music starts up. Matt watches from the ring.
Orton stops at the top of the stage and takes off his vest. Matt brings a steel chair into the ring as Orton turns around and slowly walks back to the ring. Orton slowly enters and Matt swings but Orton sends the chair back at his face. Matt rolls around in pain as Orton stalks him. Matt gets up but Orton drops him again with the RKO. Fans chant “one more time!” but Orton delivers chair shots over the back instead. Orton drives the chair into Mat’s gut now. Orton takes the brace off Matt’s neck and places a chair under his head. Orton grabs another chair and stands over Matt, ready to swing. Fans boo and yell at him. Orton looks around and stops. Referees at ringside plead with him. Orton drops the chair and fans boo. Orton takes Matt’s brace and tosses it again. Orton exits the ring but runs back around and pulls Matt out to the floor. Matt just falls down. Orton takes apart the steel ring steps and places Matt’s neck over the step. Orton kneels down and has some words for Matt that we can’t hear. Orton grabs the chair again and smashes it over Matt’s head, driving it into the steel steps. Orton backs away and leans against the barrier, taking in what he just did. Referees check on Matt and order Orton to the back. Orton walks away as fans boo. Orton walks back over and stares at Matt.
Orton comes back over one more time and tries to move Matt but he’s out. Orton with another big chair shot over the back of Matt’s neck against the steps. Orton yells out that he’s sorry. He walks off again and RAW goes to commercial.
– Back from the break and the announcers play up the seriousness of what just happened. They show shots of fans stunned and upset in the crowd.
Erick Rowan vs. Aleister Black
We go to the ring for tonight’s opening match as Erick Rowan makes his way out while Mike Rome does the introductions. Rowan is carrying his mystery pet cage again. Aleister Black is out next.
The bell rings and they go at it. Rowan strikes first. Black goes for a moonsault early on but Rowan levels him. Rowan drops Black on the outside and yells at fans in the front row as we go back to commercial.
The split screen shows Rowan dominating during the break, stopping Black with a bear hug. Black finally drops Rowan with a big kick to the head. They continue to throw big strikes after the break. Rowan catches Black in a big powerslam for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring. Rowan keeps the offense going and sends Black to the corner for more strikes as the referee warns him. Rowan takes Black back to the floor and rams him into the barrier. Rowan launches Black into the barrier once again, back of the knees-first. Black lands on the floor on the back of his head.
The referee counts as Rowan looks to powerbomb Black into the ring post. Black counters and fights out, sending Rowan into the post. Black breaks the count and runs to the second rope for a big moonsault to Rowan, also hitting the camera man a bit it appears. Black brings it back in and fights in from the apron with a boot. Black with strikes. Rowan counters but Black fights free. Black with a jumping knee strike to the face for a 2 count. Rowan catches Black Mass. Black blocks the Iron Claw with a back elbow.
The big strikes continue. Rowan levels Black with a big boot to the face. Rowan with a powerbomb in the middle of the ring for another 2 count. Rowan goes for the Iron Claw but Black slides out and nails Black Mass. Rowan goes down against the ropes. Rowan is dazed but still moving. He goes down to one knee. Black with another Black Mass to the face. Black covers for the pin to win.
Winner: Aleister Black
– After the match, Black stands tall as his music hits and we go to replays. Black celebrates as we come back.
– Still to come, Charlotte Flair is here to discuss her WrestleMania 36 title shot. Back to commercial
– Back from the break and out comes Charlotte Flair as the pyro goes off.
Flair takes the mic and shows us how she attacked WWE NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley after her win over Bianca Belair at “Takeover: Portland” last night. Fans chant “NXT!” and Flair asks if we want to know why they’re chanting that. No? That’s what she thought. Flair says she went to Takeover to see who was filling Ripley’s head with the idea that she can go to RAW and challenge The Queen. Flair got there and was impressed. Then she started to reminisce about everything NXT, and her class that built the foundation for a third brand in WWE. Flair goes on about how they didn’t sacrifice to get NXT the respect it has now, and now Ripley has the audacity to come to Flair’s show and hold up the title that she put on the map. Flair thinks Ripley is very good, but there’s a saying – pride comes before the fall, and she’s going to humble Ripley at WrestleMania 36.
Flair says everyone is the next big thing, until they’re not. Flair does the “Woooo!” as her music starts back up. The announcers hype Flair vs. Ripley at WrestleMania as Flair points up at the sign hanging high from the rafters. Back to commercial.
– Back from the break and the announcers hype the Gauntlet Match for the Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy at WWE Super Showdown.
Triple Threat for the WWE 24/7 Title: R-Truth vs. Mojo Rawley vs. Riddick Moss
We go to the ring and the Triple Threat is underway. R-Truth drops WWE 24/7 Champion Riddick Moss and Mojo Rawley but Moss unloads into the corner, taking Truth back down. Moss powers Truth into the mat but Mojo breaks the pin up just in time. Tom says the traditional 24/7 Title rules are suspended during this match.
Mojo takes Moss to the floor and launches him into the barrier. Mojo returns to the ring and grabs Truth but Truth mounts offense with his signature moves. Truth does the John Cena taunt and hits Cena’s Five Knuckle Shuffle. Mojo blocks the Attitude Adjustment and drives Truth into the mat. Moss comes in and drops Mojo out of nowhere, rolling him up for the pin to retain.
Winner: Riddick Moss
– After the match, Moss goes right to the floor to grab his title. He retreats through the crowd as Mojo looks on. Mojo goes after Truth but it backfires and Truth drops him with a kick.
– Still to come, MVP vs. Drew McIntyre. Back to commercial.
– Back from the break and the announcers hype the women’s Elimination Chamber with Shayna Baszler, Liv Morgan, Natalya, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Asuka. The winner will challenge RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 36.
Drew McIntyre vs. MVP
We go back to the ring and Rome introduces Drew McIntyre as man who won the Royal Rumble and will go on to challenge WWE Champion Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. Drew takes the mic and gets the crowd hyped up for WrestleMania. Drew says Flair already pointed to the sign tonight so he’s going to do one better. Drew calls on the fans to point with him, and everyone points at the sign. Drew says these days Suplex City is located in Claymore country and come WrestleMania, he’s demolishing that bitch to the ground. Drew is interrupted by Paul Heyman, who comes down the ramp with a mic. Heyman works the mic and goes introduce his client but Lesnar isn’t showing. Drew waits for a fight. Fans boo Heyman. Heyman goes on about Lesnar beating Ricochet at Super ShowDown, then beating McIntyre at WrestleMania. McIntyre remains confident and shuts Heyman down.
Heyman, still speaking from the stage, finally introduces MVP and out he comes. MVP says Heyman might not have an issue with Drew, but he does. MVP says he invited Drew to The VIP Lounge last week as an old friend, treated him with respect… fans do the “What!?” treatment. MVP enters the ring and the talk continues. MVP says Drew hit him with a cheap shot last week but he promises to whoop Drew this week and it won’t be a cheap shot. MVP calls for the bell and delivers a cheap shot to Drew anyway. MVP with the big Yakuza Kick in the corner. Drew is upset.
The bell rings and MVP immediately runs into a huge shot from Drew, who isn’t thrilled. Drew tosses MVP into the corner and unloads with strikes. The referee tries to pull him off. Drew runs into an elbow but comes back with a Futureshock DDT out of nowhere for a pop. Drew leads the crowd in a 3-2-1 countdown, then levels MVP with a big Claymore. Drew covers for the pin for the easy win.
Winner: Drew McIntyre
– After the match, Drew stands tall as his music hits. Heyman is already nowhere to be seen. We go to replays. Drew poses in the corner and points up at the WrestleMania 36 banner.
– Tom shows us a video package on how Becky Lynch had to fight off Asuka. We also see Shayna Baszler attacking and biting The Man, Becky stealing the ambulance and then returning later in the night to call Baszler back out.
– We go back to the ring and out comes RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch with a brown paper bag. She hits the ropes and poses with the title as we go back to a break.
Back from the break and Lynch is in the ring with the title as some fans chant her name. She talks about coming to WWE for fame and fortune. She brings a bunch of paper money out of the bag and says this is her paying the fine for what she will do when she cross paths with Shayna Baszler. Becky says this is a down payment on violence. She tells WWE to go ahead and take all her money because bad things will happen when she sees Baszler. Becky goes on with the trash talking until Baszler appears on the big screen.
Baszler taunts Becky and talks about how she’s going to win the Elimination Chamber match to earn the title shot from Becky. Baszler goes on and says she’s going to tear the living shit out of Lynch. Becky says she will be watching Elimination Chamber closely and will be rooting for Baszler. Becky tosses the mic and makes her exit as the music hits, raising the title in the air.
– We see Lana and Bobby Lashley backstage warming up with Zelina Vega and Angel Garza. Charly Caruso approaches for comments. Lana takes credit for coming up with tonight’s tag team match and says it’s like a Monday Night Date as two of WWE’s hottest couples will go against two of WWE’s biggest losers. Vega corrects Lana and says she’s not a couple with Garza. This is all about business, about money. Garza flirts some with Vega and they walk off.
Angel Garza and Bobby Lashley vs. Rusev and Humberto Carrillo
We go to the ring and out comes Rusev. Back to commercial.
We see Humberto Carrillo make his entrance during the break, followed by Angel Garza with Zelina Vega. Back from the break and out comes Bobby Lashley with Lana. We see recent happenings between Carrillo, Vega, Garza and Rey Mysterio. Carrillo starts off with Lashley now. They lock up and Lashley overpowers into the corner. Carrillo goes under Lashley and kicks him. Carrillo gets rocked and caught in mid-air. Carrillo fights out of a move with an elbow but Lashley knocks him out of the air with a shoulder. Rusev tries to get involved but Lashley takes Carrillo to the corner and sends him down. Garza tags in and keeps Carrillo by his arm. Carrillo gets free but Garza chops him. Carrillo ends up hitting a big crossbody out of the corner.
Carrillo trades more shots with his cousin now. Rusev tags in for the double team as Rusev knocks Lashley off the apron. Carrillo sends his cousin across the ring. Carrillo counters again but Garza follows up with a big dropkick. Garza snatches his pants off and tosses them at Rusev. Garza goes to the floor and lets a fan kiss him. This leads to Garza turning back around to a big suicide dive from Carrillo. We go back to commercial.
Back from the break and Garza kicks Carrillo in the back as Lana and Vega watch from the floor. Lashley tags in and keeps Carrillo grounded. Carrillo looks to turn it around but Lashley swings and misses. Rusev finally gets the tag. Rusev unloads as Garza comes in. Rusev also drops Lashley on the apron. Rusev with a big overhead suplex to Garza, and another. Rusev covers for a 2 count as Lashley breaks it up.
Rusev unloads on Lashley in the corner now. Garza rolls Rusev up from behind. They tangle and Garza drops Rusev with a superkick as Carrillo makes the save. Carrillo and Garza go at it now. Garza leaps out and takes Garza down on the floor. Lashley comes with a big Spear to Garza on the floor. Lashley turns around to Rusev leveling him on the floor. Fans pop and chant “Rusev Day!” as Rusev brings Garza back in. Lashley interferes, allowing Garza to kick Rusev. Garza climbs up but Rusev sends him to the mat. Rusev with a flying headbutt for a close 2 count as Garza kicks out.
Rusev stomps Garza and calls for The Accolade. Rusev stomps on his back but he avoids the submission. Rusev with a big kick. They tangle some more. Rusev knocks Lashley off the apron with a Machka Kick. Garza takes advantage and rolls Rusev up with a handful of tights to get the win.
Winners: Angel Garza and Bobby Lashley
– After the match, Garza and Lashley stand tall. Rusev attacks Garza from behind and sends him to the floor. Lashley and Lana pose on the stage as Rusev looks on from the ring.
– We see The Kabuki Warriors backstage walking. Back to commercial.
Natalya vs. Kairi Sane
Back from a break and out first comes Natalya. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors are out next – Kairi Sane with Asuka. They taunt Natalya on the mics as she looks on from the ring.
The bell rings and they go at it. Natalya takes Sane down first. Sane takes it to the corner and shows off some. Sane fights in from the apron and goes to the top but has to roll through. Sane shows off some more and taunts Natalya. Sane dodges a discus clothesline but gets slapped in the mouth. Natalya goes on and hits a long suplex for a 2 count.
Sane blocks a Sharpshooter attempt and drops Natalya with a big fist while the referee is in the say. Sane keeps control for a 2 count. Sane keeps Natalya grounded now, raking at her face. More back and forth now. Sane looks to put Natalya away but runs unto a big discus clothesline for a close 2 count. More back and forth now. Asuka tries to get involved from the floor. Natalya turns her attention to her, allowing Saner to kick her to the floor. Asuka drops Natalya while Sane has the referee distracted. Natalya never gets back up before the 10 count.
Winner by Count Out: Kairi Sane
– After the bell, The Kabuki Warriors celebrate in the ring as we go to replays.
– Still to come, a sermon by Seth Rollins. Back to commercial.
– Back from the break and RAW Tag Team Champion Murphy is in the ring with The Authors of Pain, Akam and Rezar. There’s a podium and two stands with the stained-glass photos of The Messiah. Murphy takes the mic at the podium and introduces their leader. Out comes RAW Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins.
Rollins kisses the hands of some fans on the way to the ring. He gives thanks and thanks Murphy for the introduction. Rollins brings up the word “sermon” first and says the powers that be branded tonight’s segment that way, he just wanted to come speak to the masses, but the word does fit because what he has to say is divine. The boos pick up. Rollins goes on and isn’t saying much that’s new. He takes the role of being The Messiah very seriously. Phase two of this movement will not be easy. Fans chant “you suck!” now. Rollins understands their pain, brothers and sisters. He says phase two will not be easy but it’s for the greater good. Rollins says now it’s time to seek out the weak, the lesser than, the non-compliant. They must find the flaws in the system and rehabilitate them if they can, and eradicate them if they must.
Rollins says this is not a promise, not a threat, not a warning, this comes from his heart. Rollins goes on about people suffering the same fate if they remain inn-complaint, or stay in the way of progress and the future. The music finally interrupts as The Viking Raiders run out. Erik and Ivar rush the ring and brawl with AOP as Murphy and Rollins retreat up the ramp. Rollins orders Murphy back into the ring to fight. The Vikings take out all three as Rollins watches from the stage, throwing a fit. Kevin Owens runs out and drops Rollins with a Stunner for a big pop. Owens’ music hits as he stands over Rollins, looking down at him. Back to commercial.
– Back from the break and Charly stops a frustrated Seth Rollins and his crew. Rollins says his crew are the only ones who give him the respect he deserves. Rollins says Owens and The Vikings can have a fight if that’s what they want, against his disciples, later tonight.
– We go back to the ring and out comes The OC – AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.
AJ takes the mic and says The Phenomenal One is back on RAW. AJ asks what WrestleMania season would be without him. Gallows and Anderson point up at the sign and they all joke about it. Anderson says AJ is the new Mr. WrestleMania as far as they’re concerned. AJ says being the humble man that he is, he can honestly say he’s the greatest Superstar on any roster, of any era. AJ uses the “who’s next?” line and says he doesn’t care who is next. It could be WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, The Undertaker, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, the whole nWo, and other stars he names.
AJ says he will prove his dominance at Super ShowDown in the Gauntlet Match and when he does… the music interrupts as Ricochet makes his way out. They trade shots as AJ knocks Ricochet about how he will never win the WWE Title. A challenge is issued and AJ accepts but Anderson can’t let AJ’s first match back be against this guy. Anderson accepts the challenge for him.
Karl Anderson vs. Ricochet
The bell rings and Karl Anderson goes at it with Ricochet. Ricochet dropkicks him out of the ring early on. Ricochet runs the ropes and leaps out, taking Anderson back down. We go to commercial.
Back from the break and Anderson continues to dominate. Ricochet with a roll-up out of nowhere for a 2 count. Anderson goes right back to work and drops Ricochet on his head. The referee ejected AJ Styles and Luke Gallows from ringside during the break. Ricochet keeps kicking Anderson back as he charges. More back and froth now. Ricochet hits a springboard and a big kick, then a standing Shooting Star Press but Anderson kicks out at 2.
Ricochet drags Anderson over to the corner and goes back to the top. Ricochet goes for the 630 but has to roll through. Anderson with a big boot and a big Spinebuster for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring. They trade shots again. Ricochet with a big superkick out of nowhere. Ricochet goes on and drops Anderson on his neck for the pin to win.
Winner: Ricochet
– After the match, Ricochet stands tall as the announcers hype his Super ShowDown match against Lesnar.
– Still to come, our six-man main event is now official. Back to commercial.
– Back from the break and we see what happened to Matt Hardy earlier tonight. Tom says Matt was rushed to a local medical facility and they will have an update later.
– Charly is backstage with Liv Morgan, asking about Ruby Riott taking credit for her growth and the recent attack. Liv says she was as excited as everyone to see Liv return two weeks ago. We see a replay of Riott’s attack on Liv as she goes on about it. Liv says not long ago that would’ve broken her but she’s no longer that puppy on a leash. She found a home in her own skin and she’s going to eliminate Ruby from the Elimination Chamber match, then go on to WrestleMania for a title shot.
Kevin Owens and The Viking Raiders vs. Murphy and The Authors of Pain
We go back to the ring for tonight’s six-man main event as Kevin Owens comes out first. The Viking Raiders are out next, Erik and Ivar. Out next are RAW Tag Team Champion Murphy and The Authors of Pain, Akam and Rezar. They hit the ring as we go back to commercial.
Back from the break and Owens unloads on Murphy to start the main event. Ivar tags in to take over. Murphy slides out of a hold but Ivar levels him with a shoulder. Erik tags in to take over on Murphy. Erik levels Murphy and taunts AOP. Owens tags in and chops Murphy while Erik holds him in the corner. Owens works Murphy over some more and taunts AOP with trash talking.
Owens takes Murphy back to the corner and beats him up. Ivar comes back in to keep Murphy beat down. The Vikings with another tag and double team as Erik slams his partner on Murphy. Murphy finally gets a break and tags in Akam. Akam and Erik face off and then start brawling. Erik gets the upperhand and in comes Ivar. Ivar sends Akam face-first into Erik’s knee for a pop. Akam ends up catching Erik with a big powerslam, then pounding on him while he’s down.
AOP with a big double team to Erik after Rezar comes in. Rezar grounds Erik and pounds on him. AOP takes turns on Erik in the corner now, beating him down again. Murphy tags back in and drops Erik, then kicks him in the head for a quick pin attempt. Murphy keeps Erik grounded in the middle of the ring now. Erik fights up and out but they take him back to the corner and continue the beating. Rezar tags in and knocks Ivar off the apron. He swings for Owens but misses. Erik finally gets an opening and drops Rezar with a big knee to the face. Owens and Murphy tag in at the same time for a pop.
Owens with clotheslines for his opponents. Murphy takes a huge clothesline and a senton. Owens runs into a kick in the corner from Murphy as the screen splits for anther commercial break.
Back from the break and Owens and AOP keeps Owens down in the middle of the ring. Akam tags in and clubs Owens for another 2 count. Murphy stomps away as Akam holds Owens in the corner. Fans boo Murphy. Owens fights out of the corner and nails two big superkicks but they both go down. Murphy stops Owens from tagging. Rezar comes back in and pounds on Owens some more. Owens reaches for a tag but Rezar knees him back into the corner. Rezar unloads with knee strikes and in comes Murphy off another tag.
Owens finally gets an opening after dropping Murphy. Ivar and Rezar tag in at the same time. Ivar unloads and also drops Akam. Murphy also gets leveled with a big Ivar kick. Ivar with a seated senton on Rezar, then the cartwheel to drop Akam. Erik tags in and hits double knees on Rezar in the corner. Ivar rams Erik into Rezar in the corner. Owens tags in and hits the big top rope senton on Rezar but he kicks out just in time.
Rezar blocks a Stunner and levels Owens with a clothesline. Murphy flies off the top but Owens moves. Owens catches Murphy with the Pop-up Powerbomb. The Vikings send AOP to the floor and nail a big double suicide dive. Owens drops Murphy with a Stunner in the ring. Owens goes for the pin but Seth Rollins runs down and hits Owens with the title belt for the disqualification.
Winners by DQ: Kevin Owens and The Viking Raiders
– Fans boo after the bell as Rollins pounds on Owens. AOP takes out Erik and Ivar on the floor. Rollins takes the mic and says he warned us this was what would happen if you stay in the way of progress and his vision. He taunts and works over Owens as the other three hold him. Rollins says Owens has crucified him since day one and now it’s time for them to crucify Owens. The music hits and out comes The Street Profits, Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford. They take out Murphy at ringside and then AOP. They intimidate Rollins into retreating. AOP comes from behind to deck The Vikings and The Profits. Rollins watches from the stage as chaos unfolds in the ring. The babyfaces take out AOP and Murphy in the ring as fans cheer them on. Rollins throws a fit on the stage. Owens and the others celebrate as we go to replays. Rollins screams from the stage as Owens hits the corner to pose. RAW goes off the air.
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