AEW’s Official Tag Team & Women’s Rankings Revealed

AEW has now revealed their rankings for their tag team and women’s divisions. You can see the posts below, which follow the official men’s rankings released earlier today. 
The rankings are as follows: 
Tag Teams 
1. Lucha Bros (4-2 as tag team) 
2. Private Party (3-2 as tag team) 
3. Young Bucks (3-2 as tag team) 
4. Dark Order (2-2 as tag team) 
5. Best Friends (2-3 as tag team) 
1. Emi Sakura (1-0 in singles, 2-2 overall) 
2. Britt Baker (2-1 in singles, 4-2 overall) 
3. Hikaru Shida (2-1 in singles, 3-1 overall) 
4. Allie (1-2 in singles, 3-2 overall) 
5. Nyla Rose (1-3 in singles, 2-3 overall) 

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