Mustafa Ali Tells Story Of How He Got Signed To WWE

Ali says that had he not spoken up to Triple H during his run as an alternate for the Cruiserweight Classic, that his life may have turned out differently.
“I was told I was in the tournament. A week before that, they released the participants, and I’m not on the list,” Ali recalled. “I frantically called William Regal and he told me I was an alternate. Something happens, I’m in the tournament, I have a five minute match, I’m gone.”
That brief time in the tournament was obviously not the end of his WWE journey.
“I got brought in for some extra work. Everyone has that Hail Mary moment. I just walked up to Triple H one day and said, ‘Hey man, you’ve seen me wrestle four times now. You know if you know.’
“He was like ‘Hey, there are only so many dogs and so many bones. I’m sorry, things take time.’ I thought he was politely telling me to get out of his way.”
“The next week, I got a call.”
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