Angers to appeal Olivier Pickeu compensation ruling

L’Équipe report this morning that Angers are set to appeal the court decision ruling that they are to pay former General Manager Olivier Pickeu €3m in compensation following his sacking in 2020.

The case will be ruled on within the next 18 months by the city’s appeals court, although there is a €600,000 sum which the club are to pay “without delay” which is excluded from the appeal process.

Pickeu had been let go for “characterised, repeated gross misconduct”, although the labour court would go on to rule that there had been no such misconduct, even if there was indeed a reason for his sacking.

Now delegate-president of Caen in Ligue 2, the 52-year-old was awarded €1.37m in transfer surplus, €1.2m in conventional dismissal compensation, and other fees relating to paid holidays and results-based bonuses.


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