Neymar responds to critics over lifestyle: “It’s a lack of respect.”

In an interview given to Brazilian Youtube channel Fui Clear???, Paris Saint-Germain’s Neymar notably responded to criticism over his lifestyle and penchant for partying.

His words translated in RMC Sport, the 29-year-old has been under criticism in past weeks for middling performances with Les Parisiens, having been ineffective going forward over several matches. Although he has recognised that he goes out often, the Brazilian international insists that this has no bearing on his on-pitch performance.

“It’s a lack of respect when people say, “Oh, Neymar doesn’t look after himself, Neymar is this, Neymar is that”. How do you last 12 years at the top without looking after yourself? Nobody takes that into account. I can look after myself. I have a physio and a personal coach with my almost 24 hours a day – to do what, nothing?”

“I go out when I can. I go out when it’s possible when I know I don’t have training the next day. I won’t stop doing it. What’s the issue. I need to be held to account over what I do on the pitch, yes. But what I do outside?”


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