Bernard Tapie: “Now, we need Frank McCourt to resurface.”

Speaking to La Provence, ex-Marseille President Bernard Tapie reacted to the demotion of Jacques Henri Eyraud and the appointment of Jorge Sampaoli as the club’s new manager.

“Ah, it was time! At one moment or another, things becomes so evident that even good sense no longer has any sense. It is a decision that should have been taken a lot earlier according to me. But, like we say, better late than never.”

“Now, we need Frank McCourt to resurface. If the guy who pays is too distant, it is very rare that things go very well. Look at the clubs that are working well: each time there is a real proximity between the person that finances things and the person who manages things. It is more judicious for the club but also more comfortable for the president.”

On Pablo Longoria:

I wish him first of all good luck, because he will need it. We will judge him on his results, that we hope will be good. What I also want, is that Frank McCourt doesn’t wait for the situation to degrade so much before taking decisions.

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