PSG SD Leonardo: “We have Neymar and Mbappé! What are we supposed to be scared of?”

Speaking to Canal Plus following PSG’s 4-2 victory over Lyon, Sporting Director Leonardo had the following to say.

“After being 3-0 up, things became delicate. We needed to better protect the result. We succeeded in getting back in, to create situations and to score a deserved fourth goal… I expected this question (to be asked if he was worried) and that is the reason that I am in front of you now. Every year, you (journalists) do the same thing: “the team is not ready, Ligue 1 is not of a good enough level…” The team is in 1st place, 12 points ahead. For the moment we have done nearly the maximum in the Champions’ League, with five wins and one draw. I think that today that the team is ready but if we lose, it is no big deal, we will continue to grow. We need to remain calm. I am happy with what we have, with the team that we have. We have a formidable team. Everyone must be happy. We are not playing life or death.”

“Neymar is very happy, very focused on our objectives. He is a marvellous player. The same for Mbappé, an adorable player, I do not accept that people say he is a spoilt child. For me, they are both one of the top 5 players in the world. Which other teams have players like that in their squad? Us. That is why we must be happy with what we have. We have to take advantage of that. We cannot be scared of anything. We must exit this climate of fear.”

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