Gilt Noir Sample Sale Event: Carlos Falchi Exotic Handbags

Listen up fellow Gilt Noir shoppers, there’s going to be an exclusive Carlos Falchi online sample sale, bright and early tomorrow morning over at Gilt!

Grab a sticky and jot this down:

Carlos Falchi Exotic Handbags in the range of 65%+ off retail. Fridays August 27th at 8:45 am PST over at Gilt Groupe!

Here’s a little sampling of a couple bags that will be featured.

side note: Gilt Noir is an exclusive membership level for the top .01% of Gilt Groupe’s customers. What can I say.. I’m obsessed with sample sales! In addition to previewing all sales 15 minutes before they go live, Noir members have access to special sales, like this Carlos Falchi event!

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