TFC Hires Dutchman Aron Winter; Fraser to Head Chivas

Dutchman Aron Winter SAYS HE'S THE NEW TD AT TFC :

“I visited the club last week for two days and left with a good feeling. They felt this way as well because before I had returned I got a call. Of the three candidates, I made the best impression. Around New Year everything was concluded,” he said.

Nothing like a, um, "fresh perspective" from someone who knows absolutely nothing about MLS.

But he's a former teammate of Ruud Gullit, so there's that.

This smells a lot like a Juergen Klinnsman hire. He loves the brilliant stroke, the burst of intuitive genius, the "I'm smarter than everyone else" shocker.

Of course, Klinnsy himself has literally no MLS background, so he's the last person who would see that as a negative.

Meanwhile, reports are starting to circulate that ROBIN FRASER is a done deal for Chivas.

He's earned a shot and I bet he's terrific.

Of course, this will cause great dissonance with my good friend Danny, who thinks Fraser is a terrific candidate and has a, shall we say, low opinion of the team he's going to.

I'm sorry, but I hope he's a smashing success. The guy's truly a class act.

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