From ‘Lalita’ To ‘Lalit’, This Cop Is Ready For The Duty After Gender Reassessment Surgery

Good girls in Rajegaon, a semi-arid town in Beed, are not supposed to raise their voices or leave home without a dupatta. When they see boys on the road, they must scurry over to the other side.

For a big chunk of her youth, Lalita Salve was one of these girls, adjusting her dupatta and minimizing herself on the streets that will now see her return as a man who breathes easy.

“Main abhi khulke jeeyunga (I’ll now live life openly),” says the 29-year-old constable, who will soon be discharged from St George’s Hospital where she underwent a gender reassignment surgery. Lalita is now Lalit, and his tongue trips over the word “jeeyunga”; he’s still getting used to changing genders while speaking in Hindi and Marathi.

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