A Mumbai Boy Dies While Taking A Selfie, Surely It’s Time To Take This Problem Seriously

Social media plays such a big part of our lives that it’s considered ‘cool’ to upload every part of your life online. Selfies play a big part in this.

The misconception that likes equal to popularity and general acceptance in society has fueled the selfie fire.

But is it worthy enough to risk your life for it?

bccl/representational image

13-year-old Altaf Sayyed Sheikh lost his life while taking a selfie at Mumbai’s Marine Drive.

Altaf went to Maine Drive to celebrate Eid with his friends. The sea is extremely rough during monsoons, but Altaf ignored the officials’ warning and went to the rocks to take selfies with his friend. A large wave hit him and he was washed away. His friends managed to escape.Click Here: Real bape hoodie

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