'American Democracy on Trial': Moyers and Winship Again Call on PBS to Re-Air Hearings in Primetime

Veteran journalist Bill Moyers and Common Dreams‘ Michael Winship on Monday continued their push to convince PBS to re-air the public impeachment hearings of President Donald Trump beginning this week in prime-time by sending a letter to the station managers of all of the nation’s public television stations asking them to show the public “American democracy on trial.”

“Let’s not be timid and behave minimally at a time of maximum threats to our political order,” Moyers and Winship write. “This is not a dress rehearsal our democracy faces. It’s the real thing.”

The letter, which is reproduced in full below, calls on PBS to commit to showing the hearings in the evening, after most Americans are home from work. The public television station has committed to re-airing the hearings, but only on its subdigital channel WORLD.

On Sunday, Moyers appeared on CNN‘s “Reliable Sources” to make the case for airing the hearings. Host Brian Stelter admitted that he had never heard of WORLD.

Moyers and Winship “strongly believe that millions of working Americans who won’t be able to watch the proceedings during the day deserve the chance to do so when they get home,” they write, adding that viewers should not be left on their own to find such important news.

“They should not have to go searching through the wild west of the media universe today to find the hearings,” the pair continue. “They should know with certainty that their usual, reliable public station, always there for them, will suspend its regular programming so that every citizen will have equal and ample opportunity to judge if the hearings are fair and civil and the evidence supporting the guilt or innocence of the President of the United States is credible.”

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