Poll: Women far more likely to back '18 Democratic candidates than men

The gender gap between parties is stark ahead of November’s midterm elections, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released on Wednesday.

Fifty-seven percent of female voters polled said they would back Democrats on the 2018 generic House ballot, compared to 44 percent of men who said the same.

Male voters were more likely to back Republicans, with 46 percent of those polled saying they would vote for GOP candidates. That’s a 14-point gap from the 32 percent of women who said they would vote for Republicans.


The poll found that generic Democratic candidates were favored over Republicans 51 percent to 39 percent among those polled, a 12-point lead for Democrats ahead of the midterms.

A Marist/NPR/PBS NewsHour poll also released Wednesday found that Democrats hold a 7-point lead over Republicans on the generic ballot.

The polls were released one day after University of Virginia political analyst Larry Sabato said for the first time that Democrats are now the favorite to win control of the House in the 2018 elections.

The Quinnipiac University poll surveyed 1,177 voters nationwide from July 18-23 and has a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.

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