Parkland survivor helps DNC fundraise ahead of midterms

A survivor of the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., last month is now helping the Democratic National Committee (DNC) fundraise ahead of the midterm elections in an effort to back lawmakers who support gun control measures. 

In a DNC email blast Saturday, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Sara Imam urged supporters to not forget the 17 students and faculty who died in the Feb. 14 school shooting and register to vote for the fall elections.

“This week the Democratic Party launched IWillVote — a national campaign to organize voters and get them to the polls,” Imam wrote in the party’s release, which links to the DNC’s voter registration page. Respondents who provide their information are then asked to donate money “to help Democrats win.” 


“Voting is the first step toward ending gun violence, so I’d like to ask you to do something important today. Will you add your name right now to commit to vote this fall?” Imam wrote.

“Do it for the survivors who can’t vote yet,” she continued. “Do it so no parent will ever have to receive the news that their child has been shot at school.” 

In the letter, Imam promoted the activism of many of her fellow students, who are demanding action from Congress and state legislators to curtail gun violence by implementing laws to prevent shooters from obtaining weapons like the AR-15 allegedly used by the suspected gunman. 

“Students like me are protesting, marching, and speaking out for our right to live free from the fear of gun violence. We are talking to our elected officials and debating the president himself to demand new gun laws that will keep us safe,” she said. 

Students from the affected high school have begun the #NeverAgain campaign on social media and are planning the “March for Our Lives” on Washington, D.C., this month that will culminate with a rally outside the White House. 

Many students from the Florida high school have appeared on mainstream media outlets in recent weeks to challenge lawmakers, particularly Republicans, to act on guns.

In a CNN town hall discussion after the shooting, students from the high school challenged lawmakers directly on their own stances and connections to the National Rifle Association.

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