March to the Palace Gates: Thousands March Against Trump Outside Mar-A-Lago

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Under the watchful eye of what was reported as a “heavy police presence”—and in an area one bystander described as “Trump Country”— an estimated 3,000  people marched on President Donald Trump’s beachfront estate in Florida on Saturday night, many of them holding signs calling for his ouster just two weeks into his term in office.

As the Miami Herald reports:

After night fell, the marched reached the guarded gates of the Trump estate itself:

While watching the nearly mile-long procession make its way toward the estate, local resident Mark Golden told the Herald that this area was “Trump Country.”  Meanwhile, El Cid resident Dottie Anthony was standing in her neighbor’s front lawn watching the protest when she told the West Palm Beach Post that she’d lived there her entire life and “never seen anything like this.”

For his part, Golden said that while he voted for Clinton, he had “always liked Trump as a character.” Now, however, he’s not so sure and explained that it seemed like the new president is thriving on the “chaos” he has created in just two weeks. “It doesn’t seem like you can be an effective president if half the country hates you,” Golden told the Herald.

Though no arrests were reported, the Post reported a “heavy police presence” was monitoring the protesters and that “one West Palm Beach police officer could be heard talking about the possibility of using tear gas to disperse the crowd.”

Watch this video posted by the Post:

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In addition to the demonstration in West Palm, there was also a sizeable Saturday afternoon march and rally in Miami against Trump as well as protests and ongoing anti-Trump organizing efforts across the country.

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