New Year's Eve Pyrotechnics Go On Despite Raging Hotel Fire in Dubai

A massive fire was blazing at a 63-story hotel in downtown Dubai on Thursday night, near where tens of thousands of people had gathered for the world’s largest New Year’s Eve fireworks display.

According to the Associated Press, “It was not immediately clear what caused the fire, which ran up at least 20 stories of the building, which would likely have been packed with people because of its clear view of the 828-meter (905-yard) tall Burj Khalifa.”

Major General Rashed al-Matrushi, general director of the Dubai Civil Defence, reportedly told the pan-Arab television channel Al Arabiya that the pyrotechnic festivities would go ahead despite the fire, saying: “Of course, it will not affect the celebration.”

But on social media, people reported additional explosions:

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