Diplomatic 'Hope' Destroyed? Helicopters Down as Kiev Attacks East

As the Ukrainian military launched an offensive assault on the eastern city of Slavyansk on Friday, pro-Russian militias in the area have reportedly shot down two helicopters, killing at least some of the soldiers on board while others were wounded and captured.

News of the assault in Moscow resulted in a statement from President Putin that said “all hope” for the survival of a diplomatic settlement reached in Geneva two weeks ago is likely destroyed and criticized the western-backed Kiev government for ordering the use of “air power” against its own people in the east.

Kiev says the aircraft were “on patrol” while separatists claim the helicopters were part of an offensive against the city and fired missiles.

Reports from Slavyansk indicate that local separatists have retained control of the city by repelling the soldiers sent from Kiev and fortifying barricades on key roads in the area.

According to Reuters:

The New York Times reports:

And Agence France-Presse adds:


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