The Lawcast – TNA Bound For Glory 2006 Was Their Shot

Welcome, boys and girls, to another episode of the Lawcast! This week we’re covering a show that I damn near begged Steve to let us cover: TNA Bound For Glory 2006.

As we watch AEW grow and coalesce into a serious and respectable promotion on a national scale, it makes a lot of sense to go back and look at what happened the last time this was tried. And on this night 13 years ago, TNA had the best shot they would ever have to make it to the big time. Kurt Angle’s debut, Samoa Joe’s ascendance, Sting and Christian Cage giving it their all. It felt like a moment in time that could launch this company into the stratosphere. But it didn’t. Instead it will always be remembered as a disappointing climax that came too soon.

We go all in tonight, discussing what went wrong for the promotion in booking this show and what followed after, how they got their hands on a megastar like Kurt in the first place, and how the looming specter of Vince Russo casts a shadow over everything. Oh, and we also talk about the show itself, which is equal parts madness and MADNESS.

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