WWE Live Event Results (6/4/17) – Glens Falls, NY

Thanks to rajah.com reader Tommy Dinardi & Dinardi Halloween for sending in these results:

Ended up attending Sunday night’s WWE SmackDown! Live house show while RAW
was running Extreme Rules. The Glens Falls Civic Center was far from sold
out, maybe 2000 if they were lucky in a 4000+ venue. However, much better
than the hundreds that TNA used to draw in the same venue & the dozens drawn
by the rare Indy show.

The arena is home to a lot of hockey games, so me and my girlfriend were able
to score seats by the zamboni entrance that essentially put us in what would
be equivalent to the hard camera spot for a TV taping. Maybe 10 rows back
from the ring, within shouting distance & eyeline of the wrestlers. Amazing!

Match #1: Breezango def. American Alpha & The Colons in a Triple Threat Tag
Team Match
Breezango were way over, AA got a good pop & The Colons even got a decent
reaction that turned to heat during the match. Breeze took a beating most of
the match, crowd didn’t know how to react for Breezango vs. AA spots.
Fandango gets the hot tag, we get the do-se-do toss outs for the four
non-legal men, Fandango pins one of the Colons with the Falcon Arrow. 3/5

Match #2: “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger def. Aiden English
English comes out singing & cutting his usual promo putting down the town,
what a singing voice. (We were the only pro-English members in the audience.)
Tye comes out with his 10 sign, English demands Charles Robinson take it
away. The ends up taking out a smaller sign. English gets that one taken away
as well. Tye with a smaller one that gets torn up to incite him on offense.
Back-and-forth match with Aiden mostly on offense, English with some close
near falls including a neck breaker/one-man Whirlie Dervish & crossface
variation. Tye appeared knocked out, English played to the crowd and
eventually eats a Tye Breaker. 2.5/5

Match #3: Luke Harper def. Erick Rowan
Rowan out first to a decent reaction, turned to heat once Harper made his
entrance to a good pop. One woman in the crowd chanted for Rowan non-stop,
Harper looked to be poking fun at him over it. Rowan ended up blowing up a
balloon and letting it go while pointing at her. Little kids were LOVING
Harper and he was really playing to the crowd, can’t wait to see more of this
character development if they allow it on TV. Back-and-forth affair, Rowan
played to the Harper kid fans and ends up eating a boot & discus clothesline
for the pin. Harper hung around taking pictures with all the kids upfront
afterwards, class act guy. 2.75/5

Match #4: Sami Zayn & Shinsuke Nakamura def. WWE United States Champion Kevin
Owens & Baron Corbin
KO is a heat magnet, I lost track of how many times he was crotch chopping
fans in the audience. Also covering phones while people tried to take
pictures & smack-talking the kids up front. Corbin got a decent reaction,
good pops for Zayn & Nakamura. KO with much stalling before the match, gets
on the mic to declare himself the U.S. Champ and Zayn jumps him outside.
Faces were in control most of the match, everyone paired off at least once
for a portion of the match. There was a girl in the front row with a Sami
Zayn sign near the heel corner that KO continually went over towards and
egged on continually, eventually Zayn makes the hot tag and Nakamura finished
off KO with the Kinshasa. Autographs & pictures from Zayn & Nakamura to send
the fans home happy into intermission, watching Sami with his front row fan
after the match was absolutely adorable. 3.25/5

Intermission. Typical “What Happens Next?” giveaway with an Army Veteran in
the crowd.

Match #5: WWE SmackDown! Women’s Champion Naomi, Becky Lynch, & Charlotte
def. Carmella, Tamina, & Natalya with James Ellsworth in a 6-Man Tag Team
Faces got their separate entrances to big pops, heels came out with Natalya.
Natalya got a decent reaction and quickly turned the crowd by yelling at
them. Typical solid work from all the women warming up for Money In The Bank,
Carmella’s apron antics reacting to her team on offense were hilarious. Becky
plays face-in-peril most of the match, eventually an Ellsworth distraction
causes things to break down with Naomi getting a sunset flip roll-up pin on
Natalya. The faces spent plenty of time with the fans after the match, one
kid in particular getting a handful of Charlotte’s butt while getting his
picture for everyone in the arena to see on the big screen. Well played, kid.

Of note during this celebration: they were mainly going with the kids, though
one noticeable exception was a creepy Charles Manson-y looking guy who
frequents all the Capital Region wrestling events in pleather pants & uncut
nails who managed to negotiate a quick hug with Becky, despite what looked
like a little resistance from her. If she happens to see this: I recommend a
chlorine bath ASAP. You can thank me later.

Match #6: Sin Cara & Mojo Rawley def. The Ascension
Sin Cara to a decent pop, Rawley to a good reaction, & The Ascension has loud
music that might’ve drowned out whatever reaction they probably didn’t get.
The Ascension is billed at 485, but Victor looks like he’s 350 lbs. easily.
Didn’t they both use to be the same size? Is Victor bulking up? Anyways, Mojo
was actually over throughout the match. Weird. Back-and-forth match with Sin
Cara taking most of the beating while working in his comebacks, Mojo mostly
on offense for his moments. Despite Konnor trying to prevent a tag to Mojo,
he eventually eats the corner punch for the pin. During the melee set-up to
the ending, Viktor took a rather nasty sounding shot to his already
more-heavily-padded right elbow and looked to be favoring it for the closing
moments. 2.5/5

Main Event: Jinder Mahal with The Singh Brothers def. AJ Styles to retain the
WWE Championship
Mahal out first to some good heat. I’ve loved the dude ever since the crappy
Khali angle never got a proper blow-off win for him & the Don’t Hinder Jinder
days, and my girlfriend loves his physique, so once again we were the only
supporters in the crowd. During his opening promo about the lack of respect
he gets from America, I started doing the “bow down/we’re not worthy” gesture
(there was definitive eye-contact) and he actually had to stop his speech to
hold back his amusement. He ended up continuing to play to our side
throughout the match too! Just one of those moments that makes the house
shows totally worth checking out if you have the chance.

AJ interrupts his speech in Punjabi, back-and-forth match with the numbers
advantage being used against Styles throughout. Styles kept calling for the
Phenomenal Forearm and Styles Clash throughout the match but never hit them,
eventually locking in the Calf Crusher but the Singh Brothers split up,
distracting the ref & assisting Mahal to the ropes respectively. AJ has had
enough and goes after the former Bollywood Boys, and the distraction was
enough for Mahal to score the ROLLUP OF DEATH~! (Thanks, John Canton!) for
the win. After the match, a 3-on-1 beatdown ensues but AJ fights off Mahal
whoquickly escapes the ring, leaving the brothers behind. One suffers a
pump-handle gut-buster, with a Styles Clash on the other as Mahal looks on.
The heels sulkenly retreated while Styles celebrated with the fans like the
earlier faces to send the fans home happy. 2.75/5

Not a bad match on the card, almost the full 3-hours (I’ve been to shows that
barely topped 2), & a hot crowd throughout! I’ve been to plenty of historic
shows over my 20+ years as a fan (Edge winning his first WWE Championship,
Christian becoming #1 Contendor the same night Edge retired, Jericho pissing
in Regal’s tea, the first Invasion house show, first post-draft RAW in 2002)
and despite house shows being predictable, I would rank this show as one of
my favorites I’ve ever been to. Can’t wait for the next time!

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