Ryback Talks Backstage Altercation With CM Punk, The Rock On 172-Day Diet

-WWE Superstar Ryback recently addressed the rumors that he and CM Punk once had a backstage altercation in WWE during an interview he did with CNN-IBN as part of his promotional work for WWE in India last week. While Ryback didn’t exactly deny the rumors, he did say he hadn’t heard them and pointed out that “everything was fine” between he and Punk. You can check the interview out online at IBNLive.IN.com.

-Part-time WWE Superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently posted a tweet on his official Twitter account pointing out that after he completes filming for the new “Hercules” movie he will have been on an “intense diet” for 172 days straight. Johnson wrote:

When I wrap #HERCULESMovie it’s 172 days straight of intense diet for the role. This’ll be fun.. #SilverbackDestroys

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