WWE Referee Taking Time Off, "Hacksaw" Jim Haas, WWE Diva Turns 30, Lena Yada

— WWE referee Marty Elias is taking a few weeks off following surgery on Thursday, September 18 for a ruptured hernia. He will be out for at least 6 weeks to heal and rehab. Elias posted a blog on his WWE Universe account to set any rumors straight from “inside websites” reporting on his absence, although I don’t believe anyone has reported about it as this is the first I’ve heard of him being gone. Elias wrote: “The reason for this blog is to set any rumors straight and or “inside websites” ASS-U-MING they know what”s going on? I had surgery on September 18th for a ruptured hernia and will be off 6-weeks min to heal and rehab.” He also added: “The hernia was found over five years ago, but I continued working with it, because I love what i do!! I would still be working if the hernia had not ruptured. I will be back, that’s for sure!! Im happy I finally had surgery, it is over and I can live and work pain free. I can only recommend this, but if you are injured or living with pain, take care of it ASAP.” You can read the blog in its entirety at the following link.

— Today is Candice Michelle’s birthday, who turns 30 years old.

— WWE.com has posted a new photo shoot on ECW’s infrequently seen backstage announcer Lena Yada, who seems to get more photo shoots than television appearances. You can see her new shoot at the following link.

— Charlie Haas impersonated “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan at a few house show events in Europe last week. You can see a photo of “Hacksaw” Jim Haas from last week’s house show event in Paris, France at the following link. Haas worked as a heel waving the American flag and Duggan came out waving the France flag before and after the match. Haas jobbed to Duggan in their matches.

See a BIZARRE PHOTO of Candice Michelle & Lena Yada (>>)

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