Jim Ross Blog: Kurt & Karen Angle Divorcing? Evan Bourne, Jericho & More

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Jim Ross is back with another blog entry from his official website, which you can read here in its entirety. Some highlights:

Kurt & Karen Angle Divorcing?: There are several wrestling websites that I enjoy visiting when time permits but some seem to be trying to out TMZ, TMZ. Reporting that Kurt Angle had filed for divorce…no wait…stop the presses…it was Karen Angle who filed for divorce…allegedly…sources say. Is this information that wrestling fans truly need to know? Is this news? Is it any of our business. I hope this rumor isn’t true.

WWE’s Young Talent: If young wrestles like Ryan Braddock and Jack Swagger (nice name) remain aggressive and escalate their physicality as time goes on, both young men have a good chance of achieving success in the WWE. Working hard, smart and physical cures many ills in the ring such as inexperience.

Evan Bourne: Yours truly has also been enjoying the development of Evan Bourne however in my view Bourne is more than side kick material. Bourne needs to be a member of Friday Night Smackdown which is as you know BROTHER the WWE’s #1 program.

Chris Jericho: Chris Jericho is picking up where Edge left off prior to Summerslam and Raw is a better show for it. I shutter to think where Raw would be today without HBK and the World’s Heavyweight Champion. And Santino’s unibrow.

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