Former WCW Star's Rambling Interview, Juvy's Press Conference, Lizzy Valentine

— Radio & television host Dan Masters recently conducted an interview with former NWA World Heavyweight Championship & WCW/ECW wrestler “Wildfire” Tommy Rich after an indy wrestling show in Ellaville, Georgia. Rich, 52, talks about his wrestling career and during one point of the interview, reacts to a child showing him an action figure of former ECW star The Sandman (“I was doing what Sandman was doing before it was cool son!”). Throughout the video, Rich basically rambles, not to mention that his voice is incredibly raspy, so it’s hard to understand what he’s saying at times. You can see the video at this link.

— Former WWE/WCW star Juventud Guerrera held a press conference last week talking about his decision to leave AAA. Guerrera said he was buried in the mid-card for far too long, which is why he made the decision to leave. During the press conference, Guerrera introduced Lizzy Valentine as his valet, who you may remember as the valet and storyline girlfriend of Matt Sydal (a.k.a. Evan Bourne) in the short-lived MTV wrestling series Wrestling Society X. Guerrera said she would be working everywhere he goes. Valentine then spoke and challenged Dark Angel to a match. However, Dark Angel recently broke her arm and is out for a few months, so that match is probably not going to be happening for a while. Guerrera also said he and Intocable and a third person not announced would form a trio called “The SexiCools.” Also, AAA is claiming he was fired, but that appears to be false. He no-showed their big TripleMania show to work the NWE tour in Spain. There was there was heat from the other AAA wrestlers because he wasn’t fired for missing the huge show. Guerrera then quit.

— Speaking of Dark Angel (real name Sarah Stock), she broke her right arm in a match with Raven Hiroka in Aguascalientes on Thursday, August 7. There are two stories out on how she broke her arm. She either broke it doing a splash off the top rope or while landing wrong doing a missile dropkick. TNA has shown interest in acquiring Dark Angel for the growing Knockouts division, but due to political issues between the company and her promotion CMLL, that has prevented her from coming in. TNA is working with CMLL and they wouldn’t be too happy with them taking one of their biggest stars.

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