Braden Walker Shoots On WWE, New WWE Signing, Press Conference Scheduled


— Former WWE Superstar Braden Walker (a.k.a. Chris Harris) recently made his first post-WWE appearance and he had some comments to make on his former employer. He basically says WWE took his passion & spirit away from wrestling. On the Braden Walker name, he said, “The first thing I need to do is make one thing perfectly clear. My name is not Braden Walker! It’s “Wildcat” Chris Harris! And one more thing. Not even some evil empire up North can take that away from me!” Harris also adds that he’s not sure what he’s going to do next and that he may be leaving professional wrestling. Regarding his infamous match with James Curtis in which both men were fired later in the week, Harris chokes up saying, “I think the last place for me to be right now is the ring. The last match I had, I was the most uncomfortable that I’ve ever been.” He gets emotional during the interview, but it then turns into an angle as a heel wrestler calls him out and tells him he’s a loser. Harris gets a “One More Match” chant from the fans and says he will meet the heel wrestler in the ring next month in a face off. You can see the video at this link.

— Indy wrestler Phil Shatter has apparently signed his developmental contract with WWE. Bill Behrens announced at an NWA Anarchy card over the weekend that he’s starting soon.

— WWE has a press conference in Mexico scheduled for tomorrow to announce their new television deal with Televisa.

Which WWE star is in danger of being FIRED?

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