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Beauties and Beasts
November 27, 2007

Big Daddy V & Matt Striker may have fallen to Kane in their Handicap Match on the last ECW on Sci Fi, but they got the last word on Tuesday night. Days later on SmackDown, the Big Red Monster laid into his 500-pound enemy with a steel chair. What will be in store this week as this monstrous rivalry too big for one brand to contain continues?

If Daddy and Kane’s rivalry is the largest, then Kelly Kelly and Layla’s is the hottest. The blonde attacked the dance expert before she could finish saying what she was thankful for. The next time they meet, though, will be in the ring for a match. Which Diva has the other’s number?

Also last Tuesday, Shelton Benjamin made his ECW on Sci Fi debut. Elijah Burke welcomed him into the Land of the Extreme, claiming that he is once again changing the face of ECW. What impact will the former Raw Superstar have?

Find out the answers to all of these questions and more on the next ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday at 10/9 CT.

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