Flair's Advertised Return Date, Francine & Dawn Marie, Rock's Latest Movie Ripped

source: Wrestling Observer

— Ric Flair is being advertised to appear at the 11/26 Raw in Charlotte.

— SLAM! Wrestling has a story on former ECW valets Dawn Marie & Francine at this link. The article pretty much talks about their respective futures in wrestling. Sans the occasional indy show or autograph signing, Francine is done with wrestling for the most part. She plans on walking down the alter next June. “I got engaged,” Francine said. “I’m getting married next June, so I’m doing the planning for that right now. That’s keeping me pretty busy. I’m from a big Catholic family, so there’s a lot to do.” Dawn Marie on the other hand is looking to make a comeback to wrestling after being away for a few years. “I want to come back. I love the business, I miss the business, and I never really finished. I had some weight issues after the pregnancy, but I’m trying really hard, I’ve been working out really hard, and hopefully (I’ll be back) soon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving being a a mom. But I’m getting antsy, and want to come back.” Apparently, Dawn has her sights set on TNA. “I would love to be stpart of the TNA women’s division. I think TNA is a great company, they’ve done so much in the past five years. It reminds me a lot of ECW, and that would be a great place for me, I think. I’d love to be part of something that’s growing, something that you can feel pride in being part of.”

— The Rock’s latest movie, Southland Tales, did all of $37,000 at the box office last night in a very limited release. Roger Ebert completely rips the movie in one of his reviews. Ebert wrote at the end of his review, “Note to readers planning to write me messages informing me that this review was no more than a fevered rant: You are correct.” You can read his review at this link. Also, The Game Plan will probably finish in 11th place in its 8th week out.

See pics from Francine’s short-lived WWECW stint (>>)

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