How WWE Pulled Off The Limo Explosion, The Effect From The Sopranos, More


– WWE filmed last night’s limousine stunt “killing off Vince McMahon” on Sunday evening outside of the arena in Wilkes-Barre, PA. An outside stunt team was brought in to coordinate and put together the explosion. WWE acquired local permits to do the explosion several weeks ago.

– With the stunt being taped you may be wondering how they got Vince McMahon outside in the limousine live. What happened was footage of McMahon getting into the limo was live, but WWE then spliced into the taped footage of the explosion. To give the effect that the stunt happened live, WWE put the burnt out husk of the limo on Sunday on display.

– The “untimely demise” storyline of Vince McMahon did not have anything to do with the disappointing ending of the Sopranos this past Sunday night. According to one backstage source, WWE had planned the explosion at least two weeks in advance, and it was just good timing and a coincidence that the Sopranos ending happened how it did. That is the reason WWE tied in the ending of the Sopranos in their earlier press release.

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