Two WWE Wrestlers Likely Being Dropped From Main Roster

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The Daltons, Jesse Dalton (Ray Gordy) and Festus Dalton (Drew Hankinson), are likely being dropped from the main roster.

On the May 11, 2007 edition of SmackDown, they asked General Manager Theodore Long for a match, and he told them to be at SmackDown the very next week in Baltimore. They were supposed to make their wrestling debuts on the May 18, 2007 edition of SmackDown, but creative changed their minds on using them and made the decision to not use them that night. A few days later, they were leaning towards dropping them all together. At this point, their characters are considered virtually dead. The feeling is if they’re not on TV in the week or two, the demotion was likely final.

This is the third time in which Hankinson was really close to being a full-blown WWE Superstar. Last year, he portrayed the “Imposter Kane” and even got a pinfall victory over the real one at Vengeance. However, Vince McMahon deemed the match to be horrible and the gimmick was dropped the next day. There were rumors that he was going to be brought up to the SmackDown roster in his caveman-like Freakin’ Deacon gimmick in the fall, in fact, some vignettes for the character were planned, but it didn’t work out for whatever reason. He also had some dark matches earlier this year, but WWE wasn’t too impressed with his work.

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