More On Sabu's Release; Updates On The Majors & Cassidy Riley

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Not much more regarding Sabu’s release other than he claimed there was an incident at the airport on the way to Baltimore where his bags were checked and he was detained, which caused a big scene. He claimed this was why he arrived late to the taping. He also showed up and claimed to have a neck injury. The company took it as he was refusing to put over Kevin Thorn since he said he couldn’t work.

The Major Brothers have been moved to OVW from DSW. They’re still on the main roster, but they’re too low on the totem pole to appear on the combined Smackdown/ECW house shows, and thus they’ll be getting their seasoning in OVW.

Cassidy Riley has bleached his hair blonde and is now called Cassidy James. He’s doing a brother tag team with K.C. James in OVW.

Is tonight RVD’s last night in WWE? (>>)

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