WWE Heat Report (06/10/07) Taped in Tampa, Florida

WWE Heat Report-10th June 2007
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Commentators: Todd Grisham & Jonathan Coachman
Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

Greetings. On the eve of the first ever tri-branded Draft I wonder will we bid some of Heat’s finest goodbye? Tune in to Raw tomorrow night to find out. For now let’s get rolling with Heat. Four matches on show. We start with…………………………

Chuck Palumbo vs Steve Madison
The silent reaction for Madison is drowned out by Palumbo on his motorcycle. Palumbo elbows out of a hammerlock. Palumbo hits a running shoulder tackle. Grisham informs us Palumbo builds choppers when he’s not wrestling to add some nice character development to his current gimmick. Maybe it’s a shoot? Palumbo rams Madison into the corner then delivers a battering ram. Palumbo Irish whips but Madison gets his feet up on a charge. Madison charges into a clothesline. Palumbo slams but misses an elbowdrop off the ropes. Madison lands forearms, Palumbo shoves Madison away, Madison charges but gets decked by a single punch. Palumbo drills Madison with forearms then sends him off the ropes into a backelbow. Palumbo pulls Madison up by the leg and into a clothesline. Palumbo Irish whips but charges into a backelbow. Palumbo quickly catches Madison in a belly-to-belly overthrow suplex. Palumbo comes off the ropes with a big boot then finishes Madison off with a dominator into a spinning front slam which Grisham calls the Full Throttle. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: CHUCK PALUMBO. A nice short showcase for Palumbo. They should have done this for his debut match.

Victoria vs Mickie James
Victoria is looking sexy in her pigtails this week. Nice pop for Mickie who is looking pretty decent too. Victoria starts with a side headlock into a takedown. Mickie counters into a headscissors. Victoria bridges over but Mickie bridges back up and twists Victoria into a backslide for a nearfall. Mickie scores with a side headlock and shoulder tackle off the ropes. Mickie cartwheels over a crouched Victoria before climbing onto her and executing a headscissors takedown. Mickie twists round her grip giving Victoria some discomfort before Victoria nips free and knees the gut. Victoria sends Mickie off the ropes, Mickie blocks a hiptoss, Mickie kicks the gut then lands a nice rolling armdrag. Mickie kicks at Victoria in the corner then goes for a monkey flip but Victoria holds onto the ropes and Mickie crashes to the mat. Victoria kicks the head and covers Mickie for two consecutive nearfalls. Victoria throws Mickie down by the hair. The referee reprimands Victoria who kicks Mickie’s head then throws her back down where Victoria swats and slaps at Mickie’s head. Mickie retaliates with gut punches and a forearm but Victoria clubs the back then Irish whips. Victoria charges into a backelbow. Mickie goes for a hurricanrana out of the corner but Victoria turns it into a catapult slingshot to the mat. Victoria quickly applies a boston crab. Mickie reaches for the rope but Victoria pulls her away. Mickie manages to flip Victoria into a pinning combination and hooks both legs but can only get a nearfall. Mickie counters Victoria’s lunge into a crucifix pin attempt for another nearfall. Victoria kicks the chest to quickly regain the advantage. Victoria slams Mickie before slugging and slapping away at her face as Mickie tries to cover up. Victoria walks over Mickie to blindly climb to the top rope. Victoria misses a moonsault. Mickie gets up in the corner and back kicks an advancing Victoria in the gut. Mickie lands a high kick to the face before knocking Victoria out with a slow motion spin kick to the head. Mickie covers. 1-2-3. Mickie goes 3-0 up against Victoria in recent Heat meetings. A good match with some crisp women’s wrestling. Here is Your Winner: MICKIE JAMES. Hopefully both Divas stay on the Raw brand where they’re best suited during tomorrow’s Draft.

Eugene vs Lex Lovett
Eugene comes out sporting his new Super Eugene costume. Lex Lovett is ex-enhancement talent from TNA where he also did a brief cheerleading gimmick before departing a few years back. Eugene has an unco-ordinated coloured cape which he needs help removing from the referee. Eugene plays matador with the cape but Lovett doesn’t bite. Eugene shakes hands with then hugs the referee but Lovett refuses a handshake. Eugene gets upset and briefly talks to his hand. Eugene with a side headlock takedown. Headscissors counter by Lovett. Eugene nips free and applies another side headlock. Eugene off the ropes jumps over Lovett from side to side, Lovett loses Eugene then turns to see Eugene waving on his knees. Eugene dodges an elbowdrop. Eugene runs around the ring like an aeroplane then drop toeholds Lovett and rides him around the ring. Eugene dances before turning into a big clothesline. Lovett stomps on the chest, drops a leg, lands a crossface to the head then applies a rear naked choke. Eugene gets up and tries to muscle out but Lovett sends him down by the hair. Lovett chokes Eugene with his boot. Lovett applies an armbar on the mat. Lovett breaks to club the back twice. Lovett rams Eugene’s head in the corner three times. After Eugeneing up, Eugene blocks a shot and lands a series of punches to knock Lovett down. Eugene delivers an aeroplane spin. Eugene lands a modified front bulldog off the ropes for a nearfall. Eugene sends Lovett off the ropes and attempts a backbodydrop but Lovett boots the head. Lovett runs the ropes but gets a boot to the gut then a Stone Cold Stunner to give Eugene the win. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: EUGENE. The standard Eugene stuff. Lovett didn’t seem interested. Post match, Eugene waves to the fans on his way to the back.

The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs The Highlanders
Main Event time. A bit of a piped in pop for the Highlanders. Haas starts by grabbing Rory’s arm and clubbing him down. Haas continues with several head rams to the corner. Rory boots the gut then returns with some head rams of his own. Rory side headlocks Haas who sends Rory off the ropes. Haas anticipates a stepover so Rory drops elbows across Haas’ back and chest. Rory drives Haas backfirst in the corner. Rory uses Robbie as a battering ram on Haas. Robbie lands a couple of uppercuts. The Highlanders send Haas off the ropes into a double sledge to the gut. Haas then receives headbutts in stereo. Rory covers for a one count. Haas knees the gut then tags out. Benjamin shoves Rory down, stomps then picks him back up for a clothesline. Benjamin throws Rory over the top rope to the floor where Haas rams Rory backfirst into the ring apron. Back inside, Benjamin punches away on Rory’s head then covers for a one count. Benjamin knees the head then sends Rory off the ropes. Rory ducks a clothesline and lands a cross body for a one count. Rory delivers an armdrag and headbutt before ramming Benjamin into Robbie’s head. Rory slams Benjamin then Robbie slams Rory onto Benjamin. Robbie covers for a one count. Robbie clubs the back then uppercuts Benjamin into the corner. Robbie Irish whips, yells his name and hits a successful battering ram. Robbie punches Haas as he tries to interfere but Benjamin gets his feet up to thwart a second battering ram. Benjamin distracts the referee as Haas takes Robbie down with a big boot. Benjamin gets a nearfall following a neckbreaker. Benjamin front facelocks Robbie while Haas stomps the back. After slugging at his face Haas delivers a hard Irish whip to send Robbie down. Haas boots the head, sends Robbie off the ropes and puts his head down allowing Robbie to boot. Robbie charges into a belly-to-belly suplex for a nearfall. Haas front facelocks Robbie as he tags out. Haas whips Robbie into Benjamin who drives a knee into the back. Haas clotheslines Robbie then Benjamin takes over with a chinlock, punch and rear naked choke. Robbie backelbows free but Benjamin catches Robbie and brings his back down across his knee for a nearfall. After ramming his head into the corner, Benjamin perches Robbie on the second rope and gets some punches in. Benjamin climbs up top, slaps the face, talks trash and attempts a superplex. Robbie manages to punch back and push Benjamin off but Benjamin lands on his feet and nimbly leaps back up top to punch and re-attempt the superplex. Robbie shoves Benjamin off again and both men take a tumble. Robbie hangs onto the ropes, stumbles back in and both men tag out. Rory ducks a clothesline to hit Haas with a forearm off the ropes followed by some axehandle sledges and a backbodydrop off the ropes. Benjamin receives a flapjack. The Highlanders set Haas up for the Scot Drop but Benjamin catches Haas on his shoulders and puts him back down. Robbie boots Benjamin as Rory punches Haas. Robbie throws Benjamin over the top rope as the referee ushers him out. Benjamin skins the cat back in as Haas turns the tables on Rory by thumbing the eye. Following a hotshot, Haas holds Rory outwards by the legs allowing Benjamin to leapfrog over Haas and spike Rory with a double axehandle. Haas delivers a german suplex and gets the pinfall as Benjamin distracts Robbie long enough outside to stop him from making a save. 1-2-3. A good match and a marked improvement from the World’s Greatest Tag Team. Here Are Your Winners: THE WORLD’S GREATEST TAG TEAM.

Grisham shills for the Draft and McMahon appreciation night tomorrow on Raw to end the show.

Best Match: The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs The Highlanders.
Worst Match: Eugene vs Lex Lovett.

Thumbs up this week. The Divas Match and Main Event were particularly decent and are well worth a look.

I think anything can happen in the Draft but I’ll offer five predictions for each brand. Who do you think will move and why?

RAW: Mr Kennedy, Mark Henry, Chris Benoit, Batista, Snitsky

SMACKDOWN: Jeff Hardy, Ric Flair, Carlito, CM Punk, Elijah Burke

ECW: The Miz, Kenny Dykstra, Johnny Nitro, Umaga, Jamie Noble

I think Heat will be a Special Edition again next week due to the Draft but I’ll be on hand to cover it. Enjoy the Draft tomorrow night and I’ll see you all next week. Shaun.

Comments/praise/feedback/criticism/discussion points please direct to shaunmb1@hotmail.com.

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