WWE clarifies new policy on third party social media mentions

Regarding a discussion on last night’s Wrestling Observer Radio about WWE talent believing that they could not have hashtags and/or photos that would, in a sense, advertise products as part of the new social media guidelines the company has given regarding Twitter and Instagram, WWE has clarified its position.

The new policy, which they say is not dissimilar to policies they have had for the past several months, is that talent is banned from monetizing their Twitter and Instagram by working with third parties. The company had already had this policy with Twitch, Cameo and other social media channels but had not specifically included Twitch and Instagram.

The example on WOR that myself and Bryan Alvarez discussed about taking a photo casually in front of a make of car or restaurant would not be punishable offenses unless the talent was making money from promoting those things. Again, the post would have to be monetizing the accounts.

WWE is going on the guise that the contractual ownership of the likeness of its performers includes all social media accounts regardless of whether they are listed under their stage names or real names.

First reported by Wrestling Inc., WWE announced a new policy regarding Twitter and Instagram where any monetizing of those properties by talent and not by WWE would be subject to a warning on first violation, a fine on a second violation, and a suspension on a third.

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