The challenging terrain and breathtaking scenery creates an awesome experience that will stay with you long after the aches and blisters have gone!

New for 2015! You no longer need mountain crew for the full iron-distance event (just the Double and Triple) Brutal Events to open the event up to those who struggle to find a support person. You can, however, take someone if you prefer the company!

The distances available are:

The Brutal Half: 1.2 mile swim/57.98 mile bike/14.7 mile run

The Brutal Full: 2.4 mile swim/115.96 mile bike/25.1 mile run

The Brutal Double: 4.8 mile swim/231.92 mile bike/51.1 mile run

The Brutal Triple (for 2015 only): 7.2 mile swim/347.88 mile bike/75.3 mile run

You can enter all of these events as a solo or in a team (2 – 4 members).  

So why not end your season by doing something a little different this year and take on The Brutal Extreme Triathlon?!

Event Name: The Brutal Extreme Triathlons

Event Date: Saturday 19 September 2015

Event Location: Llanberis, North Wales

Distances: Half, Full, Double and Triple 



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