Writer Kenice Mobley released by WWE

Writer Kenice Mobley has been released by WWE following comments made during a recent podcast appearance.

Fightful reported today that Mobley has been let go by WWE. She had joined the company as a writer this month.

After being hired by WWE but before starting in her role, Mobley appeared on the “Asian Not Asian” podcast earlier this month and discussed not being required to know anything about pro wrestling prior to being hired:

Yes, I have just been hired by WWE. Given the things that you know about me and my entire life and what I’m into, yes [that’s surprising]. Yes, also a surprise for me. They did not require me to know anything about wrestling, but I do have a background in film production and comedy writing and they’re like, ‘Perfect. Come on in.’

Mobley also spoke about being on the Raw writing team and said she wasn’t certain of WWE Champion Bobby Lashley’s name:

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So I am on the Monday Night Raw team. So there’s Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown and the people I know that are on it are Bobby — his name is either Bobby Ashley or Bobby Lashley and I really should know that. He’s like this giant Black guy and he and the people who are part of his crew, I know that they call — or at least as of last year, they called themselves The Hurt Business. The Hurt Business. They wear suits and they’re like, ‘We’re cool.’

Dave Meltzer reported on the situation with Mobley in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

This turned into a fairly big thing, heavily talked about on social media but also noted among those on the inside. Mobley was also under the gun for speaking publicly on subjects that WWE doesn’t want stuff talked about. One person very close to the situation noted the negative reaction to this and said that she is not the only one in this situation, and actually this is typical of many of the writers. But where they were embarrassed by this is that by going public, it makes WWE to the outside world look ‘blindingly stupid.’

Mobley co-hosts the “Love About Town” podcast. She made an appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon earlier this year and did stand-up comedy on the show.

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