Mark Henry Gives Major Praise To Rhea Ripley: “She’ll Be The Next Rock”

During the latest Busted Open Radio episode, WWE Hall Of Famer, Mark Henry recently discussed Rhea Ripley, giving major praise to the NXT Women’s Champion.

Mark Henry discussed how Ripley has achieved so much already, despite the fact she is only 23. Relating it to himself, noting how he wasn’t even wrestling by that stage of his life.

“At twenty three years old I was I was still [power]lifting. I hadn’t even got into wrestling yet. Yet she’s [Rhea] already been in it, been there, done that…at twenty three years old. What will she do in the next fifteen twenty years? I’m gonna tell you, she’s going to transcend wrestling.”

Henry went on to claim that Ripley has the potential to become the next major star in wrestling that will be mainstream.

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“She’ll be the next Rock. She will be the next John Cena, she will be able to be the next Batista. She should be able to go outside of wrestling and make a living because she’ll be a big mainstream star.”

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