WWE RAW Results

WWE Raw Results
November 25, 2019


Seth is standing in the middle of the ring for a town hall with the Raw roster surrounding the ring. The crowd starts to chant for CM PUNK but Seth says that he tried to get him there but he wouldn’t come. But this isn’t about him, this is about the Raw roster, and he is going to be blunt….the roster sucked.

He says he is trying to right the ship, and they went from being the A show to being the C show. He called everyone there because he believes in them, and if anyone wants to speak up, now would be the time. He calls out Randy Orton and he says that last night, Randy was the weak link. If he has anything to say, now is the time. Randy looks at Seth and smirks, and walks to the back. Seth admonishes him as he walks away. He points out Charlotte, and he says that she is a leader but she wasn’t even the last one standing….and she calls himself a Flair….

Charlotte looks astonished that he said that and she walks away. He points out the Authors of Pain, and says that they weren’t even there last night, so he doesn’t need them tonight. They walk away. He says that Rey Mysterio disappointed more than anyone else. He says that he beat Brock Lesnar twice in the last year, and he couldn’t even do it with a lead pipe and his stupid kid! Mysterio says some obscenities and walks out, along with the rest of the Raw Roster….except Kevin Owens.

Owens gets in the ring and steps up to Rollins. Seth says that no matter what the new Mr. NXT wants, he will never be Seth Rollins. Owens proceeds to stun him and head to the back!’


Seth Rollins is interviewed about his rah rah speech, and he says that he is going to challenge Kevin Owens to a match tonight.


Titus goes right after Lashley and delivers a HARD chop. Titus goes after Lashley, but Lashley counters with a HUGE spinebuster!

Out of nowhere, Rusev comes from behind and starts to maul Bobby Lashley as Lana screams on! Lashley begins to fights back, but as they fight up the ramp, Rusev clothesline Lashley on the ramp. He brings him to the LED board and tosses him hard into it, before clearing off the announce table. Unfortunately, the cops get to Rusev first and cuff him, but Rusev is able to break free and knock Lashley off the ramp! The cops take Rusev off as Lana sobs for her Bobby.

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Live Coverage by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com

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