Chris Jericho On His Raw Debut Being One of the ‘Best Ever’, DDP On Not Being A Fan Of His WWE ‘Stalker’ Gimmick

To promote this Monday night’s big WWE Raw 25 special, Cult of Whatever caught up with numerous WWE stars of the past and present, and below are some interview highlights:

Chris Jericho on his WWE Raw debut:

It was definitely one of the best debuts ever, I came up with the idea of the countdown clock and Vince McMahon came up with the idea of having the clock end right in the middle of Rocks promo.

I think that is the biggest reaction I had ever got, a lot of people knew it was going to me but there were also a lot of people that didn’t have a clue. It was a different world back then, the internet wasn’t like it is today, these days you would just go online and you can find things out right away but it wasn’t like that then.

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DDP on his time in WWE:

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I wasn’t particularly a fan of the stalker gimmick but that first night I showed up on Monday Night Raw that was a pretty big explosion from the crowd. I actually got to be Diamond Dallas Page out there, we were in Tampa, Florida and it was a pretty big pop so my first day on Raw was a lot of fun.

After everything with DDP Yoga another highlight for me was when people got the opportunity to see Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts for the first time in 16 years when he returned on Old School Raw in 2014 in the main event with The Shield, The New Age Outlaws and CM Punk.

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