Paulie pretty much is the national stud — It’s Comments of the Week

It’s not just Blue Sky Thinking, it’s a plan for world domination

Ireland fans at the u17 European Championship encounter against England. Source: Kostadin Andonov/INPHO

Arthur Pewty dropped to his knees on seeing the one true BOD

Regular dude Joe Bloggs had to collect his jaw from the floor after reading about Sergio Aguero’s new diet

Most of us didn’t understand the reference, but Peter Keenan tickled our resident movie expert this week.

Source: Conor Ryan/YouTube

Joseph Devine doesn’t know where he’d be if it wasn’t for the above bit of rucking from Limerick’s hurlers.

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Back to Paulie, and Shane Russell has one of the finest tributes paid to the man.

Robert Murtagh has had enough of Steven Gerrard’s farewell tour and yes/no debate

Pressure off, O’Brien feels Leinster can ‘go out and just play’ this weekendIreland Women still calling on newcomers to rugby with a World Cup in view

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