WWE Reportedly Shocked At Adam Rose's Comments About His Suspension

Apparently WWE wasn’t prepared for Adam Rose going public with his thoughts on his recent Wellness Policy violation.

As noted, Rose and Konnor of The Ascension were both recently suspended for 60 days for Wellness Policy violations. Shortly after the news became public, Rose posted a lengthy blog sharing his thoughts on the topic.

According to a new PWInsider.com article, many within WWE were shocked when Rose went public, essentially denying the fact that he did anything wrong. One of the reasons so many were caught off guard was because of the fact that Rose has a reputation of not speaking out of turn or being a problem in the locker room.

WWE reportedly had no idea that Rose was planning a public response to the suspension. It’s said that many of his co-workers didn’t know he was going to be doing that either, but most respected him for it after they found out about it.

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