Cody Moonsaults Off The Top Of A Steel Cage (Video), RAW Viewership

– Monday’s December 23rd edition of WWE RAW averaged 3,821,000 viewers, down from 4,152,000 the previous week. Considering the show was taped last week and it’s the holiday season, that’s not a bad number. Here’s the hourly viewership:

Hour 1: 3,893,000 viewers
Hour 2: 3,959,000 viewers
Hour 3: 3,610,000 viewers

With almost 4 million viewers during Hour 2, RAW broke the 4-week streak of losing viewers every hour throughout the show.

– WWE has published the following video of Cody Rhodes doing a moonsault off the top of a steel cage at last night’s live event from Madison Square Garden:

“Catch the moment the WWE Universe has been buzzing about all day, Cody Rhodes’ moonsault from the top of a cage at a WWE Live Event at Madison Square Garden, December 26, 2013. This goes to show anything can happen at a WWE Live Event!”

* Very Surprising WRESTLEMANIA MAIN EVENT Being Discussed

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