J.R.'s Blog: Survivor Series, His WWE Contract Status & Return, Kofi Kingston, More

Here are some highlights from Jim Ross’ latest blog post on www.jrsbarbq.com:

– Read online where I was returning to WWE at Wrestlemania. This info was attributed to my friend and former broadcast partner Jerry Lawler. I don’t know if I confused the King when we last spoke or if he was simply misquoted which is more likely but the story is not accurate. When talking with Jerry about when I was going to return, I mentioned that there was NO time table due to not knowing when the facial nerve on the right side of my face was going to kick start. I mentioned that IF it was going to be close to Wrestlemania that it might be good just to wait and return at WM26. The facial nerve could ignite tomorow…or next week…or 2-4 months from now. No one knows. The last time that I had Bells palsy it hit me in December and I returned to Wrestlemania in late March and broadcast one match, Austin vs. The Rock but I had to hold one side of my face up to speak clearly. This attack isn’t as severe as that one in my opinion.

– I do feel better other than the facial paralysis and some lingering issues with my right eye but all in all I truly believe that I am improving. I’m also making several life style changes that I think are timely and career enhancing.

– My contract negotiations with WWE are still to be finalized but, as I feel in all things regarding my life. I remain confident and positive that those contractual issues will work out to every one’s satisfaction.

– Kofi Kingston was the star of Monday Night Raw from MSG and Kofi not coming off as so happy go lucky and showing the aggression it takes to turn heads is what he needs to continue to do. Kofi is close to residing in the Promised Land and a great night at the Survivor Series and the following night on the three hour Raw could help cement that ascension.

– It will be interesting to see if “Angry Dave” will get booed in his hometown Sunday when Batista faces Rey Mysterio in a bout that I have predicted Batista will win on my WWE.com Smackdown blog that is up now at www.wwe.com.

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