Brock Lesnar Health Update: Hole In His Intestine, MMA Future In Jeopardy

UFC President Dana White spoke to Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday and provided yet another update on Brock Lesnar’s health status. While it was reported earlier this week that Lesnar was suffering from a bacterial infection in his intestines, it turns out he actually had a hole in his intestine and has not been 100% for an entire year.

“Brock was in big pain, he was hurting…. We don’t know if he’ll ever fight again. He had a hole in his intestine. The (stuff) was leaking into his stomach. That’s what was causing him so much pain. That and he had abscesses. The doctor told him he hasn’t been right for a year. His immune system has been trying to fight this thing and that’s why he was susceptible to getting sick…. We’ll find out more next week. We’re going to send him to the Mayo Clinic for a couple of days. I don’t know what to say. It’s looking better now than last week, but what that means, I don’t know.”

Brock Lesnar is scheduled to visit the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN early next week for a battery of tests. His trainer Greg Nelson spoke to the Star Tribune this week and said, “No one can tell, but it seems right now it’s something he’ll definitely recover from.” While this should be considered good news, Nelson stressed that it’s too early to tell when Lesnar will fight again.

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