Kofi Kingston Talks About His Dream Opponent, Jamaican Gimmick, Orton Feud

In an interview with TheSun.co.uk, WWE Raw star Kofi Kingston was asked in a UK Sun interview says he was one of the last people to find out that he’d be feuding with Randy Orton. “This whole development has been pretty recent, I still don’t know what’s in store, except that there’ll be some high-quality matches. You pick a fight with Randy Orton, you have to step up to the plate. I’m going to step up and try to hit a home run.”

When asked about dropping the Jamaican gimmick, Kingston said WWE legends like Steve Austin, The Rock and Triple H all had gimmicks before they broke out. “I think this is about me making a transition, a progression to the next level.

Kingston also spoke about his dream opponent “There’s a few, but growing up, Shawn Michaels was a big influence on why I watched wrestling and why I got into wrestling … It would bring my career full circle, because he got me into wrestling, and now here I am pursuing my lifelong dream.”

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