Jim Ross Gives An Update On His Health & Future Plans

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, who suffered his third attack of Bell’s Palsy last week, has posted a message on JRsBarBQ.com. that includes an update on his health and future in WWE. JR sounds upbeat and vows to return:

Yep, my neurologist cleared my travel because the flight was only 40 minutes and I’m drive home after the game w/ friends. Here’s the latest. I had a MRI Friday on my brain and inner ear and will get the result, hopefully, Monday afternoon. Hopefully, that will be good news. I’m thinking it will.

My right eye is problematic but we have the meds in place to protect my cornea due to the dryness issues. My vision is blurred in the right eye but I’m optimistic it will improve. Senstive hearing on certain tones remain as are frequent migrain-like headaches but I’m dealing w/ it. No worries. The right side of my face isn’t sagging as bad as my two previous bouts of Bells palsy. Still, my “leading man” status is in jeopardy. 🙂

The doctors won’t and can’t provide me a timeline as to when I will return but, without fail, I will return at some point “Sooner” than later. And w/ more P&V than ever! Certainly not pleased to be missing WWE Bragging Rights Sunday on PPV but will watch it from home in Norman.

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