The Rock Reflects on Mick Foley’s First WWE Title Win

The Rock recently commented on Mick Foley’s first WWE Championship win. That win came on January 4, 1999 against The Rock on Monday Night Raw.

Rocky said he had no idea that he and Foley “were going to make history this night and alter the course of pro wrestling and WWE forever.” The night was historic for Foley’s fans, because they likely did not expect Mick to ever win the company’s top prize. He was always the wild man, the hardcore wrestler, the guy who threw caution to the wind and did whatever it took to come out on top. But none of that seemed to equal “world champion.”

Of course that night was primarily historic because it was the first time in 83 weeks that WWE beat rival WCW in the ratings. That was thanks to WCW announcer Tony Schiavone’s sarcastic statement on Nitro that Foley winning the WWE title would “put some butts in the seats.”

Tony later said that WCW President Eric Bischoff put those words in his mouth that night. But neither man could imagine that one line would cause over 600,000 fans to turn the channel from Nitro to Raw, giving Vince McMahon’s company the edge that he never gave back.

So cool to watch this. We had no idea we were going to make history this night and alter the course of pro wrestling & @WWE forever. @RealMickFoley is one of the kindest, sweetest, smartest, toughest and craziest men I’ve ever known. All love & respect to you my friend. #goat

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) January 5, 2019

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