A Railway Line In Kenya Is So ‘Lunatic’, It Took Lives Of 2500 Indians During Its Construction

Railwaynetwork is considered to be one of better things the British colonisers developed in India. The national carrier is certainly a pride for all of us, but if you are told that a laying of a railways line did take lives of 2,500 Indians, how obnoxious and tragic it would sound?

‘The Lunatic Line’ – the name of this line speaks for itself and what makes it further tragic and incomparably obnoxious is that this line was laid in Kenya by Indian labourers at the behest of the British, who desperately want to keep the advance of imperial Germany in Africa in check.

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The construction of the original line began in Mombasa in 1895 and the railway reached Nairobi in 1899. By 1901 it had got to Lake Victoria.

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